First Fight

8 years ago I heard a scream from the downstairs bathroom. I would say after 20 seconds of screaming I went down to check things. There was my step mom 9 months pregnant with Johnny inside and a snake standing up right in front of her.

I looked for something close by like a bat to hit it, there was nothing and the snake moved closer. It was a king cobra, about 7 feet long and most of it was standing up, ready to bite her.

The snake kept moving closer and closer to her, and she looked over at me terrified. I felt that I couldn’t move either it was in control of us.

Now the snake was looking right into her eyes, then looked down at her big stomach. The snake then suddenly fell over unconscious.

Its as if Johnny had some kind of power to knock the snake down.

We then ran outside, she was screaming her butt off. She then called my dad who was going to the post office in Bangkok traffic. She says ‘there is a snake in the house, its as big as a hand’.

My dad came home and thought she meant it fits into a hand, and walked past her into our house looking for a very small snake. She then started screaming get out of the house !

2 security guys came running in and hit the snake which was in the kitchen. They put it in a bag and left.

How can DIPG think it can take Johnny?

One thought on “First Fight”

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I know you probably don’t remember me but I certainly remember you. You have grown from a precocious, bright, talented and beautiful little girl to a beautiful, talented, caring and loving teen. I wish you the best.
    Most of all I wish that your wonderful brother fights this nasty tumor and beats it. I pray that he will be happy and healthy and enjoy the love that you and your father give him.
    I love your website. You did a great job. I guess apples don’t fall far from trees.

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