Natural Energy

Johnny completed radiation 2 weeks ago, and now relies only on cannabis treatments. He continues to eat a high dosage of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) each day. This is very expensive and time consuming to produce, but it is a whole plant extract containing all the medicine.

For natural pain relief, Johnny consumes Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana. There are many Indica strains Johnny has tested, some work better than others. He vaporizes either flower or oil to remove pain instantly (without pain pills or Tylenol).

Johnny has not been able to stand up or walk since the end of his 2nd week of radiation – Aug 17th.

As cannabis amounts have increased, he is now standing a little more each day. Last Thursday he walked with assistance at physical therapy. He had an incredible amount of energy that day, maybe it was the chicken wings for breakfast?

One thought on “Natural Energy”

  1. Dearest John,
    We wish you strength and patience in this difficult time. Sinaan asks about frequently and wants to know what you like to do at home.
    Love and prayers
    Sinaan’s Mom

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