Thank you WES – PTO for donations from Feb. Bingo Night.

I would like to express my gratitude for all the kind and thoughtful wishes during this time of need. All your prayers and kindness are providing Johnny strength as he fights towards recovery. It’s been a long seven months and a lot of hard work, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Hello, I hope you can help me please. I happened upon your website while doing Google searches. My dad has SCLC, has been seen for months at Helen Graham Center, and at this point is nearing the end of what’s normally offered to extend life. Based on what the oncologist originally told us, statistically it means he probably has between six and eight months left. SCLC patients usually are told 16 months from date of diagnoses, during they receive chemo, sometimes radiation as well.

    I’ve come to realize that unless we move to California, there’s not much hope of trying any cannabis oil with the right potency that may give my dad some chance of turning things around. While visiting your site you mentioned using Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and I’m writing to ask if you could please respond via email (if you prefer, for privacy purposes) and tell me how to obtain it in our State of DE. I know the first step is to get him set up with a card, but while researching RSO Oil in DE, I noticed that the dispensary(s) in DE don’t seem to offer anything close to RSO. But maybe I’m not recognizing it and they’re using a different name on their websites.

    If it can’t be obtained here, we’re not against having dad relocate to my gmoms home in PA if that would help him obtain it. I feel we’re kindred spirits, in that I can feel with the words you’ve written how you’ve tried to move mountains to save your child. Few will ever feel this type of unique restrained emotional state that happens when you suddenly realize someone who should be living life may be facing the opposite. And it’s you who must try to help them fight by breaking down every door, and not letting even the smallest stone go unturned in the fight to keep someone you love from being taken away. I respect you and your family’s fight, as well as your courage.

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